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Minipots - Mano Verde

The minipot range offers you a variety of seeds to grow in a pot made of rice shells and its matching saucer.

The jar is:

• Made with rice grain husks
• Eco-friendly alternative to plastic
• Ideal for indoors and outdoors
• Durable and lightweight

They are designed to last 5 years outdoors and longer indoors.
They are made of rice grain husks and natural binding agents.
Our tests show that most plants grow best in these pots
They are resistant to freezing and thawing.
They can be turned into nutrients through your compost.
They are designed to be used outside the ground and not inside.



Biodegradable pot and saucer, seeds, seedling soil, rubber band and detailed instructions.



4x4x3 inches


Choice of seed

• Genoese basil
• Chive
• Oregano
• Edible pansy
• Parsley
• Cherry tomatoes