The designer

For Cindy Cantin, founder and designer of CANTIN bags, objects carry culture, identity and traditions. His training in art and design, his marked interest in handcrafted objects as well as his experience with indigenous communities inspired him to create products made from felt.

After five years of producing the most iconic bags in Quebec under the C comme ça label, Cindy Cantin sees her products increasingly in demand by the international market. The moment seemed ideal to him to change the name of his company and to become “CANTIN”.

The products designed by the designer carry local history and tradition.

This is what Cindy wants to put forward, even in her name. The products are now called by first names taken from the Cantin family tree. The new communications seek to promote Quebec culture abroad. As the saying goes, the best way to appeal to an international market is by being local.

Products carrying traditions

Nothing is created randomly; everything that is part of design has its functionality, making objects classic, durable and timeless. CANTIN is inspired by the raw materials of felt and leather and plays with the structure and balance of shapes to design unique and quality products.

An important material in the daily life of our ancestors, felt, this symbol of collective memory of Nordic cultures, instinctively becomes his favorite material. Formerly used in the manufacture of stockings, soles, jackets and toques, this traditional Quebec material is today used by CANTIN to offer natural protection to modern objects such as iPhones, iPads and laptops.

Felt products bring back sweet memories of childhood in people Cindy meets. Made from merino wool or recycled fibers, the felt used in its creations is renewable, durable, water-resistant and shock-absorbing.

The felt

CANTIN products are made with very high quality natural wool felt.

Dense, strong and thick, this durable material is sturdy and maintains its original shape, while being soft enough to hold your electronic accessories.

An important material in the material life of Quebecers of yesteryear, felt is waterproof, absorbs shock, acts as a thermal insulator and produces no static electricity. It is easily cleaned with a sponge and mild soap.

Repeated and excessive rubbing should be avoided.

Responsible approach

Designed and handcrafted in Montreal by experienced artisans, CANTIN products are made to endure through time and fashion. Through its timeless and classic designs, CANTIN promotes ethical and eco-responsible behavior and encourages its customers to invest in sustainable products.

Used in all collections, wool felt is a material containing no mixture of synthetic fibers derived from the petrochemical industry. The leather used generally comes from industry scraps. In addition, vegetable-tanned leathers are recommended and are intended to be much less harmful to the environment than heavy metal tanning. Cowhide leather is used more, rather than any other leather from animals raised solely for their skin.

CANTIN chooses to source responsibly and wants to participate in the vitality of the local economy in its own way. When you buy a CANTIN bag or case, part of your purchase goes to the leather merchant, the hardware manufacturer, the seamstress, the delivery company, the accountant and many other people who are paid a fair price, locally.