Water service set

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Color: BLACK

Blown glass oil/vinegar bowl

We wanted to make a beautiful oil cruet, which would last over time while being functional, and we came up with this design. Simple, elegant and timeless, our oil cruet offers a good capacity, while being easy to handle.
Then we looked for a plug that would complement our design, tried several, and decided on a copper plug. The rubber ring provides a tight seal and is unaffected by contact with vinegar, while the copper finish adds a touch of class to our design.

Eventually we made a mold for this one, so we could hand blow it and still get the same size and shape.

Here is the piece that we present to you here, so decorative that it will remain prominent in your kitchen.


AJ Metissage

Our water service has been developed to be a top-of-the-range object, attractive both in its shape and design and in its functionality.



Blown glass