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bassinet size blanket - wall hanging


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Crib size blanket for children or wall hanging - Franco on the front - #107


The Visible Point

Quilt children's blanket no. 108 made from an assembly of upcycled textile scraps of cotton and polyester. Each cover is unique, it is impossible to find an identical one.

Perfect children's blanket that will become your child's best friend. It has a hanging system that allows it to become a wall hanging. In collaboration with the Tenon and the Mortise , the magnetic hanging system makes it easy to present your quilt on the wall. The magnets embedded in the wooden sticks pinch the material, to make the process simple and fast.

The quilting technique makes textiles durable. Resulting from an ancestral know-how, the quilt makes it possible to transcend generations and to embody memories.

The inspiration for this quilt comes from a minimalist architectural photograph by Franco Fontana , a renowned Italian photographer. Photo: Urban Landscape, Los Angeles, 1990. Courtesy of the photographer.



They are machine washable in cold water. Dry flat.



67% Cotton and polyester



35 x 40 inches - crib