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Gentle Aromatherapy - Plug-Free Diffuser


These diffusers are designed to gently diffuse essential oils without having to be plugged in. Have your nipple handy on your desk, bedside table or around the bath, it will diffuse a soothing scent just for you for more than two hours.



Put 4-6 drops of your favorite essential oil directly on top of the dome.
For a more present smell wet with hot water before putting the drops.
Rinse gently by hand in very hot water when you want to change the smell. Dark circles disappear after a few minutes or after rinsing.



width 4.5 in x height 2.5 in - width 11.5 cm x height 5 cm

Material and additional information

Semi-stoneware hand-turned in Montreal and fired at low temperature (1828˚F) for better porosity and diffusion. Hand wash without soap in very hot water.
Handmade - size, patterns and colors may vary slightly.
Essential oil not included, the duration varies according to the quality of the oil used.