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Ultra rich cream - Idoine


An ideal cream for life in Quebec

Here is Idoine's greatest success to date, an ultra rich and (really) anti-wrinkle cream made mainly from Quebec ingredients.

This cream is made for Quebec, the one we love, which contemplates and lives outside facing the wind. Because whether it's at the top of the Chic-Chocs, in the sun with your gaze drifting over the horizon, or in town in a corridor of merciless wind, here, it's inevitable, our skin is constantly exposed to our magnificent, but tumultuous climate. The winter months are especially hard on our skin as the cold wind dries up the dermis of its water and lipid reserves. Result: the skin loses its elasticity and becomes rough.

When scrolling through the benefits of our cream, it almost feels like thick butter, but it's true! It purifies, slows skin aging, reduces wrinkles, promotes elasticity, soothes inflammation and allergies, in short, it is the ultimate shield. And it's not rocket science, the list of key ingredients speaks for itself...




Butters: moringa, Quebec hemp, shea and mango
The virtues of moringa are well known. Rich in omega fatty acids, antioxidants and vitamins B and C, moringa butter nourishes and exfoliates the skin.

Quebec hemp butter, an excellent emollient agent ideal for dry, mature or tired skin, is made from hemp oil. This oil is nutritious like no other: it contains 21 known amino acids in addition to being rich in omega 3 and 8. In fact, it is one of the rare oils to have an omega ratio similar to that of the natural lipids of the skin this allows it to penetrate quickly to the dermis and to hydrate in depth. This speed of absorption also makes it possible to avoid any greasy feeling on application.

Shea and mango butters complete the mixture with their undeniable moisturizing and nourishing powers.

Again and again, Labrador tea
Labrador tea is certainly the king of therapeutic plants in Quebec and North America. It is used in the form of a hydrosol, also called floral water, which is collected during the production of essential oil by steam distillation.

Produced in Quebec, Labrador tea floral water is known to soothe all skin types, even the most sensitive. Its anti-inflammatory, anti-aging and detoxifying properties help gently tone the skin.

Oils: a bouquet with a Quebec flavor
The boreal forest is full of treasures with medicinal properties. Among the oils used in the concoction of our ultra-rich anti-wrinkle cream, we find, among others, camelina oil, squalane and the essential oils of Labrador tea, balsam poplar and cedar. squalane, balsam poplar, Labrador tea, cedar.

Camelina oil, an omega-3 bomb!
With its high vitamin E content, camelina oil is a powerful natural antioxidant. But the key element is undoubtedly its ratio of essential fatty acids, made up of 35% omega-3, which makes it the highest concentration of omega-3 used in cosmetics!

Omega-3s are essential for skin balance. They preserve the hydrolipidic film, the natural shield of the epidermis. Thanks to their anti-inflammatory action, omega-3s soothe sensitive skin and help reduce redness and skin dryness caused by inflammatory reactions of the skin, such as couperose, rosacea and eczema.

Squalane, the anti-wrinkle agent par excellence
Squalane is present in the sebum of your skin and is largely responsible for the firmness and elasticity of the skin. With age, the concentration of squalane decreases, which contributes to a feeling of dry and rough skin. Adding it to our products allows us to help you maintain stronger, smoother looking skin and is an excellent emollient. In other words, squalane is used to help stabilize the hydrolipidic film (the skin's natural shield!) and maintain its hydration in addition to facilitating the absorption of the cream without leaving any greasy residue.

Quebec essential oils: balsam poplar, Labrador tea and western cedar
Idoine is proud to present balsam poplar oil! The essential oil extracted from balsam poplar is composed of up to 30% alpha-bisabolol, an unsaturated monocyclic sesquiterpene alcohol found in certain essential oils. The anti-wrinkle and anti-inflammatory properties of this molecule are impressive and act as a soothing ingredient, especially in cases of eczema or allergies.

Labrador tea essential oil has exceptional anti-aging properties and seems to be perfect for hypersensitive skin. In this sense, its benefits are numerous in this sense, it promotes the elasticity of the skin, delays skin aging, reduces wrinkles in addition to being astringent, healing and purifying.

Used in the traditional medicine of the natives of Quebec, cedar or western cedar is still sought after and distilled today for its multiple therapeutic and antiseptic facets. The dermatological properties of thuya essential oil make it an effective ingredient for wound healing and help to overcome many skin irregularities such as psoriasis, acne and wounds.