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Size: 7-10 Women / 6-9 Men

Black merino and lamb wool socks by BONNETIER.

You'll be able to wear your fall boots longer this year thanks to this Merino and lambswool sock perfect for fall or winter as the temperatures begin to drop. This everyday sock is thin enough to wear in your shoes and is ideal for wearing inside your dress boots. This sock will also add a touch of style to your booties. Merino wool is softer and warmer than sheep's wool. This blend of lambswool and merino wool results in an everyday sock that is comfortable and wicks away moisture.


Sizes 7-10 for women and 6-9 for men.

Sizes 10-13 for women and 9-12 for men.


60% merino and lamb wool
18% polypropylene
15% Nylon
5% Stretch Nylon
2% Spandex

Made in Quebec, where it's really cold.