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Ceramic meal bowl - Gray - white - Black


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Color: Gray

Ceramic meal bowl


AJ Metissage

These bowls were created with the aim of making a unique bowl, which would be suitable for all purposes. Their shape, both wide and deep, will make them the ideal companions for your pasta dishes, soups or salads. Their simple, refined design, combined with their soft and discreet colors make them a warm, comforting bowl, suitable for everyday use.

We use three different clay formulas to make these pieces, each developing a different color. The exterior color of the bowls is therefore the natural color of the clay, while the interior and the lip are glazed with a white glaze, for more comfort in use.

- oven resistant
- dishwasher safe
- three colors are available: white, gray or black

Each of the bowls is hand turned and glazed before being fired at approximately 1220 degrees Celsius.



Dimensions: 4.5 cm deep x 20 cm in diameter



Hand-turned ceramic

Handmade in Quebec.