Bienvenue sur CANTIN traditions!


Keeping tradition alive

For Cindy Cantin, CANTIN’s founder-designer, objects are carriers of culture, identity, and tradition. Her education in art and design, passion for artisanal objects, and involvement with the aboriginal community are what inspired her to use felt as the primary element in her pieces.

A fabric strongly connected to the lives of her ancestors, it was by natural instinct that Cindy embraced as her material of choice this symbol of collective memory of Northern cultures. Historically used in the fabrication of socks, shoe soles, jackets, and toques, CANTIN has adopted the textile and adapted it for modern use as a natural protector for modern devices such as iPhones, iPads, and laptops. Made from merino wool or recycled fibres, the felt she uses is sustainable, durable, water resistant, and absorbs shock. Not only is it a multifunctional, beautiful material, Cindy has seen firsthand the way felt goods rekindle fond childhood memories in people who see and touch her products.

CANTIN draws inspiration from the most basic and beautiful of raw materials, felt and recycled leather, and plays with the structure and balance of shapes to create unique, quality products. None of her work is haphazard: every aspect of her designs has a function, uniting to form classic, durable, timeless pieces. CANTIN is a bearer of traditions.