CANTIN and MOBILIA have a lot in common; among others, both having a passion for noble materials and for objects which primary function and elegance are reflected by their aesthetics. They reunite today to offer you NOMAD, an exclusive collection, signed by CANTIN for MOBILIA. reated and imagined by Cindy Cantin, in collaboration with MOBILIA’s designers, these new products reinvent workers and students’ essentials. Combining leather and wool felt, this collection comes in six unique items designed to be carried everywhere, as often as possible.


1. THÉODOR, the iPad case
Practical and soft, it is shock absorbent and liquids bead on its surface when it gets wet  (available here)


2. AUGUSTA, the multi-purpose case
Stay organized no matter where you go by keeping your essentials within reach with Augusta, the trusty companion of the working nomad. (avialable here)


3. JOHANN, the laptop case
Will protect your laptop and fit everywhere with her envelope format. As CANTIN’s other felt cases, it is shock absorbent and waterproof. (available here)


4. INGRID, the wall organizer
With its magnetic areas where keys can be fixed and its leather pocket that can store mail and other papers, this unique wall organizer will fit in your office, or even in your lobby! (available here)


5. THOMAS, the mouse pad
Stylish and ergonomic , with a fully leather exterior, this mouse pad is designed to age beautifully and ensures comfort for those long work days spent at your computer. (available here)


6. HANS, the desk pad
Use your laptop and other office supplies without scratching your work area.  (available here)


And hop! Let’s work!